The Reason That Cheeks Peel in Your Mouth

I have had many patients over the past couple of years coming in with stringy dead skin peeling from their cheeks and inside their mouth. Today a patient was nice enough to allow a picture so that I could share with everyone the reason this is happening.

This picture shows the cheek of a patient that is having an mild allergy to their toothpaste. Some patients have a mild allergy to whitening toothpastes like Rembrant Deeply White, Colgate Optic White, while others are allergic to the Crest Pro Health formula.  If you have used one of these products and experienced this phenomenon you will know exactly what I am describing. If you have not experienced this you are not to worry these are great products that helps a lot of people. What you will see and feel in your mouth is a stringy substance that looks and feels like slimy long pieces of soft white skin. It feels like the skin of your cheeks is peeling a little. This should not hurt but is somewhat annoying.

What you should do is discontinue the use of the toothpaste you are using.  After 7-10 days you should notice an improvement in the condition which can be categorized as sloughing of the cheek. Please continue to use a toothpaste with fluoride to help strengthen and protect against cavities. I know a lot of people quickly run toward the organic type toothpastes for fear that this may happen with all over the counter toothpastes. You should not experience this cheek peeling in the mouth from most other toothpaste products.

If this has happened to you it would help other to share your description and experience below.

Dr. Sam Weisz

Dr. Sam Weisz is a dentist practicing in Libertyville, IL. He is considered the online dentist for people on the web. He has helped over a million people with their dental problems and questions through his videos and blog.

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  • RAH

    You hit the nail, doctor! I have this problem and many sites just wrote lots of blah blah blah that got me worried that it could possibly be cancer. You mentioned Crest pro-health and I am using that, and solved my problem without needlessly worrying about cancer.

    Thanks doctor for taking the time to write this article. You helped me immensely.

    • Sam Weisz

      Glad it helped. I had a feeling people would need this information. I have a lot of patients that are surprised when I ask them if they use Pro Health.

      • Andrea Sturm

        I use Crest complete with Scope added in it. I have this problem also. I have been using this same toothpaste for years. The peeling only happens every so often.

  • Danaa

    Can anytoothpaste do this?

  • Lashay

    I work at a dentist office, I also had the same problem with this certain toothpaste. But I spoke with my boss and she said the same thing. I have stopped using this particular brand.

  • Will

    I am a 15 year old male. I am not using Crest pro health, but am using pepsodent. I was at a friends house when using it. That night, after using it in the morning, my mouth started to peal whilst eating. I thought it was food sticking to my mouth, so I peeled it off. I then noticed there was a lot of it. So I went into the bathroom to take a look. I saw around the area I had peeled it, it was red, and looking a little bloody and inflamed. I have never smoked, and I haven’t used crest pro-health. I am rather nervous as to what this is.

    • Sam Weisz

      Monitor this to make sure it heals.

  • Brit

    I’ve been using Crest Pro Health for as long as I can remember and this started happening to me a few days ago! It has peeled so much that it is now raw and sore. I’m assuming this is what has happened. I’m going to try a new toothpaste and hope it heals. Thank you!

  • Nancy Heather Chatten

    Hello Dr.Weisz. I have peeling inside my cheeks and mouth. It is excessive and very annoying. I also have a geographic tongue which had worsened sice I first noticed this in March 2013. I have been on a strict diet which only allows me to drink Optifast shakes which I started around the same time. I did use Crest Proenamel toothpaste but discontinued it a week ago. I do have Biotene toothpaste and mouthwadh but my hygienist recommend Sensodene with Whitening. My mouth is worse now. It is nota fungal infection as I am taking an antifungal medication, Lamisil. My doctor said it is dry mouth but it wasn’t peelong then. The white stringy stuff is so bad at times it makes me choke and cough. I am diabetic and am on a lot of meds. I am 67 years old and I think this may be caused by drinking too much tea. I know tea has tannic acid and I switched to a strong English black tea a while ago and think that might be the problem. Is that a possibility? I am really tired of this and would like to feel normal again. Thanks

    • Sam Weisz

      I would discontinue the tea and see if that will help. There are so many factors at play, in may just be trial and error to eliminate them and see if they may be a contributing cause.

  • Chris

    I found it happens to me with any whitening toothpaste. It is getting harder and harder to find a toothpaste that doesn’t have the whitening. I just started using the Crest Pro and didn’t realize it had the whitening until after I used it and the peeling started again.

    • Sam Weisz

      Good to know Chris.

      • aprilmraz

        Same here. I’ve used good old Colgate paste for years. If I travel and have to use any other toothpaste (always with whitening agents), my mouth peels mercilessly. If I go back to non-whitening Colgate, all is well. I don’t think it’s the Colgate per se, it’s just the lack of whitening agent. Interestingly, whitening mouth rinses do not cause this reaction in me.

  • Allison

    WOW! I am so glad I finally searched why this was happening to me. I thought maybe I was having an excessive release of dead skin old toothpastes weren’t taking care of but… WOW! I will be switching toothpastes immediately!!! What would be recommended because I’ve been having dry mouth as well….

    • Sam Weisz

      Try colgate, sensodyne, or a different type of crest that is not in the pro health family.

      • Allison

        I was using crest complete so I’ll try one of the others.

  • Amanda Ritchie

    I’m useing the same toothpast and I need to know what toothpast should I is that wont make this happen anymore please help

    • Sam Weisz

      Chances are you will not be allergic to any of the other name brand products. You can try colgate, sensodyne, or non pro health crest toothpastes.

  • Kevin

    Is it just this toothpaste? I generally take good care of my teeth and use Crest 3D White and this started happening to me. Should I look at other factors before I switch toothpaste, or is it possible it is my toothpaste?

    • Sam Weisz

      If this started soon after switching toothpastes it may be the cause if you have used for years and now is occuring most likely it is another factor

  • Danny

    For the record, I use Sensodyne exclusively, because of sensitive teeth. I still experience the sloughing, but I may have found a cure for this problem. I’m in my late thirties. I have been biting my inner cheek, the surface skin cells not the flesh, since I was about 20 years old. I am not a nervous person and rarely get stressed. I bite because there is a build up of cells on the inner cheek which is slightly sticky and satisfying to clamp between my molars and premolars. It can get really ‘fluffy’ and intrusive. I can get jaw ache if I do it a lot, eg on a long plane journey. Ultimately, it annoys me and my mouth can feel really furry. This must surely impact on breath freshness and confidence in kissing. I asked my dentist about this. He didn’t care. I asked my doctor who referred me to an ENT specialist who said… wait for it… I’m a cheek biter. Gee, thanks. I am convinced that it is a fungus of some kind. This is why. Once I went to Zimbabwe for 10 days. I had to take Doxycyclin for malaria prevention. During the course of medicine I noticed that my cheeks were perfectly clear. It was a miracle. I finished the course and the sticky cells eventually returned. So, I got some more pills and decided to apply the powder from one capsule, to both insides of my mouth before sleep using my tooth brush. It tastes awful. 36-48 hrs later the cells are almost gone. I often do this for two evenings before sleep and the cells clear up and can be gone for a month, maybe more. I have done this enough times for it not to be a coincidence.
    My doctor didn’t seem to have a problem with this use of the drug. Two tablets once a month is not a problem. If it controls the issue then the Dr was happy. He was not interested in why it might be effective or what the skin cell build up was really about. I happened to change doctors a few years later and this current one thinks I should not do this as it is not a prescribed method of application. Whatever. I can get totally clear inner cheeks and it feels great. I will continue.
    Check with your doctor first etc etc, before taking any medicine. I’d be interested to hear from anyone with the same problem who is helped by doxycyclin.
    Wiki pages like this one indicate a cellular deficiency rather than simply a result of biting. Doxy doesn’t figure on the treatment suggestions. If anyone can explain why Doxy seems to work, I would be interested to understand this more.

    • Sam Weisz

      Sorry Danny this one is out of my expertise.

    • Cindy

      I have had this several times in the past when using tartar control toothpaste and it cleared when I changed toothpastes. July 2013 it began again and I have not been able to get it to stop. I was recently prescribed a high dose of amoxicillin that I finished about 10 days ago. I realized yesterday that my mouth has not peeled in weeks.

  • Tina Bajoie

    I just started using a Listerine Total Care mouthwash and this happened to me. I don’t have any insurance so I can’t go see a dentist at this point to take care of my teeth properly, but I do try to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing but I wanted to step it up with a total care toothpaste for the enamel strengthening and anti cavity properties and I would like to know, can or will this cheek peeling go away over time? I would be willing to deal with this if it is temporary in order to receive the long term benefits.

    • Karen Fish

      I noticed this happening since beginning the Listerine Total Care mouthwash as well. I’ve used the Crest Pro Health for a few years, and really haven’t noticed it like I do with the Listerine.

      • Sam Weisz

        Thanks Karen, everyone seems to have a little different reaction to some pastes. That is why I usually recommend finding one that works for you and sticking with it.

  • Gina Russo

    I also have this problem but I’ve been using colgate optic white toothpaste….but I’ve used colgate toothpaste my whole life and never had a an issue should I switch to another brand or is there a second solution.?

    • Sam Weisz

      Not sure about the optic white but it might be worth a try to change and see. If it doesn’t improve within a week I would get it checked out.

    • Erin98

      That’s the toothpaste I first noticed gave me this problem. I used the whole tube not wanting to waste it & when I switched after, the problem didn’t go away. I have had it for several yrs now & tried different toothpastes. None seem to be better. But it doesn’t happen every night.

  • Sheila

    Dr. Weisz you are my hero!!! I had been having this peeling for a few months and just decided to research it. When you mentioned Crest Pro Health a lightbulb went off. I recently switched to Crest Pro Health (with sensitive enamel shield) at the recommendation of my dentist at my last visit because I had been having some sensitivity in my gums. I thought it was due to the lemon juice that I like to put in my water to help me drink more. Thank you soooooo very much for your compassion to your craft and for helping others that you posted this. If you were in NC, I’d start coming to you!!!!

    • Sam Weisz

      Sheila, thank you for the kind reply. I’m glad I can help. Happy to give back a little to those who can’t or don’t have a dentist. And of course I always welcome referrals :)

  • Kelly Gleason

    This “peeling” has happened to me all my life. I remember my parents telling me to “stop biting my cheeks”. I sometimes scrape it out with my fingernail because its so annoying. Please help!

    • Sam Weisz

      Are you biting your cheeks? If so the cheek biting is surely the cause.

  • Chris

    I’m so happy i found this. I was starting to get pretty worried about the skin peeling from my gums and cheeks. I’ve been using Arm and Hammer Sensitive Multi-Protection toothpaste. Sounds like this is another one to watch out for.

    • Sam Weisz

      Thanks for adding to the list, did it improve after switching or was it not the toothpaste?

      • Chris

        Yes and very quickly.

  • sam

    I have been using colgate duraphet toothpaste due to having crohn’s disease and steroids making my teeth fall apart. i have been using it for over a year but yesterday woke up with skin in my mouth, again today it is peeling. any suggestions as i cannot change toothpaste? Thanks Sam

    • Sam Weisz

      Sounds like in your case it may not be the toothpaste. If you have been using it for a year and this just occured could be something else.

  • brit

    Hello and thank you for the information!
    I just purchased crest pro health and I love it. It leaves my mouth feeling so clean and i love the crunchy texture it leaves behind. I also love the overall benefits that it offers as a permanant retainer left me at a risk for gingivitis. I have tried all types of toothpaste and this is my favorite. The problem… I have had my mouth peel in this same manner many times over the years and thought it was something that happened to everyone. I have had it for about 5 days straight since i started using my new favorite tooth paste. My problem is that I do not want to give it up! Any alternatives with the amazing freshness and crystaly texture that will give my gums a nice deep clean? Thanks for this post as I was starting to wonder why this has happened on and off for years.

    • Sam Weisz

      I’m not sure if the peeling is something you should be worried about, if you like the toothpaste and don’t mind this side effect it may be possible to keep your loved pro health. Many people love pro health including myself but I’m not sure I would stick with it if it is causing irritation. Go with trial an error for your next toothpaste purchase.

      • brit

        Arm & Hammer Multi-Brand – PeroxiCare™ Healthygums

        I switched to that brand and no issues :) THANKS!

  • Karrina Chiusa

    LOL IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! But wait what exactly in the tooth past was I allergic to?

  • melinda watkins

    This has been happening to me for months. We switched to Crest Pro Health and I like the toothpaste but my cheeks did start peeling not long after the switch. I have a lot of dental issues and was pretty certain I had a disease or something. I am so glad I found this article. I will be switching back to my old toothpaste ASAP!

  • Paige

    i use crest extra whitening most times, and sometimes for extra clean rembrandt intense stain. but i get peeling every now and then regardless of which toothpaste. and i havent gotten it until the age i am now 18-19 yrs old. is this truly the cause?

    • Sam Weisz

      not necessarily the cause, just a possible cause for some people.

  • Sierra McDaniel

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me!! **phew!!** I was using the Crest 3D White LUXE toothpaste. Never again!! Lol

  • jeanblake80

    I’ve been having this happen for like 2 years. What happens if I don’t change? Does it do any real damage? I’ll check with the dentist in Victoria BC.

    • Sam Weisz

      Not sure if they have any studies on long term. Good luck

  • Paige

    This really can’t be the cause, because so many others like me below are peeling regardless of the toothpaste. I nevertheless got Colgate for sensitive teeth and gums, just in case..

    • Sam Weisz

      There are many causes to this peeling, not just toothpastes, this is an article written for those who seem to be allergic to certain toothpastes. The major cause of peeling in the mouth is still clenching, grinding, or nervous habit which all mechanically peel the oral tissues.

  • PA

    I have skin that peels and bunches (for lack of a better word) I can scrap the skin – raw under the skin peeling off – off but it is not sheets like you show above. It is tiny pieces of skin. I started taking benidril and it started to go away. I am using Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Toothpaste Spearmint. Same thing? Or Not? the Doc looked at me and said I have no clue. Gave me magic mouth wash to use.

    • Sam Weisz

      could it be cheek biting? Do you grind or clench at night? Nervous habit of some sort on that side of the mouth?

  • Brian

    I recently started using Crest Pro Health because of its higher fluoride content than other toothpastes I saw. About a day after the first use I started to notice the skin peeling as described in the article. It’s great to find out what caused this! However, I haven’t had much irritation while using the toothpaste. For about 30 minutes after brushing, there is a slight feeling of irritation in certain areas of my mouth, but after that everything is fine. I would like to continue to use the product because of all the benefits, so would I be safe to do so at least until the toothpaste runs out?

    Thanks for the answers and the help!

    • Sam Weisz

      All the research on Crest is great and I just want you and others to be informed of what this peeling is. According to crest there is no harmful effect of this peeling if that helps.

      • Jon P

        Man am I glad I found this! I have been experiencing this problem for weeks, never really thought twice about it. But the past few days its been really bad, and tonight I peeled like a fingers worth off! DISGUSTING!! I am also using Crest Pro Health for it’s whiting effects. I might go and change tho. Man I was really worried! I am a smoker and was thinking the worse possible things until I googled it!

      • Jenny

        Yes because we should trust that Crest is not biased about Crest.

        • derNeon

          LOL I know right? Like thanks?

    • Karen Carlson

      dear Brian I have recently learned that I am allergic to mint and cinnamon. it is nearly impossible to find mint free or cinnamon free toothpaste in this country. make sure that you rinse out your mouth with warm water after brushing – this helps.

      • Rishel

        Trader Joe’s makes a wonderful natural toothpaste with fennel flavor instead of mint and it’s comparable price at around 3 bucks.

      • FlowerLyssa

        Wouldn’t kid toothpaste be exempt of mint and cinnamon? I don’t like the idea of Bubble Gum or fuity flavors, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  • Debbie Jones

    Dr. Weisz, Thank you for this website! I am 50 yrs old, recently diagnosed with diabetes. I have bitten my cheeks for years, but my cheeks are worse than ever. Now my gums are also peeling. I also scrape lots of gunk off my tongue every night. At first, I thought it was a new toothpaste, so I stopped using the new paste. For the past 10 years I have only used Crest regular paste. Two years ago I had cervical fusion and must’ve bit my tongue really bad during surgery. Half of my tongue was purple with bruising. Afterwards I had geographic tongue, which went away after nystatin lozenges 5xday. (May have been misdiagnosed since I have been told that Geographic tongue doesn’t go away.) Since August 2013 my tongue has gotten so big that I have friction lines on each side of my tongue. Now I can’t even use Crest regular paste. So, for 2 months I brushed without any toothpaste, but felt I had bad breath all the time. The sloughing did improve quite a bit, but returned when started using mouthwash- Scope. Last week, I switched to Sensodyne, no improvement, went back to no toothpaste, but using dry mouth mouthwash. It’s only been 24 hrs, but it’s not getting better! I’m desperate to find a cure!

    Do you have any suggestions for a toothpaste and mouthwash? I feel that the sloughing may be moving into my sinuses and throat as well. Could it be an allergy to a certain food? Thank you for your time…


    • Sam Weisz

      Hard to say without seeing you, but it doesn’t sound like a toothpaste issue to me. This sounds more medical related. I would have this checked out locally by either a dentist or ent.

  • Cindy

    Thank you so much! I have had this problem for so long and never even considered it might be my toothpaste. I will try one of the brands that you have suggested. Again, thank you :)

  • Catherine Householder

    I’m glad I searched for this as well. I had been putting up with this for months now, constantly trying to clear my mouth out of all the dead skin. Originally, I thought the problem was with me, but didn’t bother looking it up. Also, my family only uses Crest. I’ve never used a different brand, but it did start when my mother and I started getting me the whitening kind. Finally, I got fed up with it. All the skin peeling is leaving my cheeks and gums sore, and I’m scared to eat sometimes because I get even more peeling skin. It even hurts a bit to brush my teeth because of it. It sucks having to change toothpaste because I’ve never been able to handle my plaque this well. Are there other toothpastes that handle the plaque, but don’t have whatever it is that is causing this reaction?

  • Susan McLoughlin Pirog

    I have been having this problem since we changed to colgate but never realized it was an allergy! I’m so glad I finally researched it because it was so annoying and such a simple fix! Thank you for the helpful advice!

    • Sam Weisz

      Did switching pastes help your problem?

  • Marissa Zavakos

    What’s the cause for tshi if I’m not using whitening toothpaste? I’m using Colgate and my entire mouth is peeling

    • Sam Weisz

      Not sure? Do you use a mouthwash? I would switch up your products and see if it helps?

  • xemlacron

    I use Sensodyne with a whiting agent. The same thing happens to me except not on a daily bases.

    • Jan

      I use sensodyne from Costco and it happens to me and I was thinking it only happened to me. But I also use Listerine. It may be one or the orther or it may be both. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Penny

    I just saw my GP and she told me to go see my dentist. She thought I might have geographical tongue. Your description is exactly what I have been experiencing but it only happens from April until July for the last 3 years. This year it showed up right before Christmas and I am still suffering with it.. I have used Arm and Hammer whitening toothpastes (they have several different kinds) for years and I’m wondering could I have just developed an allergy to them? Sounds like you recommend Crest? I’ve never used Crest before but I’m willing to give it a try to end this misery!

  • Belle Suson

    Hello Dr. Sam. Yes, I am experiencing these when I started using Parodontax toothpaste. It’s a gum care toothpaste which definitely works. I have a gum problem since I was 16, I mean my gums doesn’t attach to my teeth anymore. I can actually open my gums through toothpicks and even by my own fingernails. Parodontax is what my dentist advised me and it worked. It already came back to normal and now attached to my teeth and I feel it’s healthier now. But the problem is, it’s having a side effect to my cheeks wherein it peels just like on the picture above, but it never hurts anyway. My question is, should I continue using Parodontax? If the peeling continues, does it cause any harm to my mouth?

    • Sam Weisz

      I am unsure of any long term harm. I do know that periodontal disease does cause lots of long term harm including links to heart disease, diabetes, and tooth loss. If the parodontax is working I would consult with your dentist to make sure you can stay on it.

  • CautiousInBoston

    Hi Dr. Weisz, I’ve found other sites with various recommendations and “diagnoses” about this symptom, and I was wondering what you might think of this comment below, which I actually found on Crest’s (ProHealth) website:

    “Since using Pro-Health toothpaste, I’ve noticed a “shedding” of the
    lining of my mouth. It is like a layer peels off each time I use it. My
    mouth feels cleaner than ever, but I’m not sure if this is normal?

    The film that you have noticed in your mouth is not
    unsafe and is a result of the natural process to remove dead cells from
    the skin surfaces in your mouth. The cleaning action of both Crest
    Pro-Health toothpaste and rinse can accelerate this process and often
    results in the skin coming off in sheets, making the removal of dead
    skin cells more noticeable.”

    Crest seems to suggest that this might be normal and is a beneficial effect of the toothpaste, but although I find the shedding annoying and a bit disgusting, as you mentioned it does not hurt and I rather like the good job that the toothpaste does otherwise. Do you think that it is HARMFUL for me to keep using the toothpaste since it seems I have this “allergy”?

    Thanks in advance for the help even though I’ve joined in to an older conversation!

    • Sam Weisz

      I trust Crest and their explanation seems scientifically accurate, I have no personal research to suggest it is or is not harmful long term.

      • riprowan

        I have had this condition for decades. The problem is that it is almost impossible to disregard the constant peeling of skin in the mouth, leading to a nervous condition of fiddling with and chewing on the skin sheets that are constantly sloughing off. As a result I have spent years “nibbling” tiny bits of skin between my incisors resulting in some bone loss from constant pressure and wiggling on my front teeth.

        • peggy

          I have peeling skin w/crest pro health — I have had it w/other toothpastes prior to the whitening toothpastes; this has been going on for many years/ the crest pro health was the worst and it was time to find out what is going on and put a stop to it — it is difficult to find one that does not cause the skin peeling for me. any ideas? am going to complete baking soda if no relief can be found very soon!

          • Sharon C

            I have the same problem with ‘Pro’ tooth pastes. I asked my dental hygienist and she said it was the ‘SLS’ or Sodium Laurel Sulfate ingredient. I found a sensitive toothpaste in a dollar store that didn’t contain SLS and don’t have any peeling of the skin in my mouth when I use that toothpaste. I purchased a Listerine and started having the problem again so I checked the ingredients and it contained SLS. I found a Listerine without SLS and the peeling stopped. A few days ago I thought I’d try Sensodyne which does not have SLS listed in the ingredients and the peeling started again. The ingredients list shows there is Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate which is not in my Dollar store toothpaste, so I’m thinking that ingredient causes the same problem. People with the peeling problem should check the ingredients for Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate and avoid using products with those ingredients.

          •* Swisstoons

            Good detective work! It’s important to read ingredients and make comparisons. This is how I found out I was sensitive to MSG decades ago. The information you supplied could save people some time and money.

          • Stacey

            Thanks for the ingredient info! I’m having trouble with many different brands! :(

    • SyukiHyorra

      I have been using Crest Pro Health for a couple years and it has made my mouth peel for that long. I have always had exceptionel oral health so is that still in the same case?

  • Patrice Bertulfo

    This happened days after I used colgate optic white :(

  • Sally

    I’ve had this problem forever. I didn’t know it might be as easy as trying a different toothpaste. For years I’ve been using Sensodyne Pro Enamel, per my dentists’ recommendation. I will definitely try something more generic. With fluoride. Thank you, Dr.

    • Sam Weisz

      Please let us know if the change works.

  • dksalna

    I’ve noticed this same condition of peeling in my mouth since using the Pro Health toothpaste the last couple of weeks. I thought it was the Listerine I use every morning but after seeing this article it made total sense because of changing formulas since the store I was at didn’t carry the Crest Sensitive that I usually use. The last couple of days though I’ve noticed my salivary glands under my tongue are inflamed and sore, do you think this is related to using the Pro Health toothpaste too?

    • Sam Weisz

      I wouldn’t think make sure that resolves in the next 10-14 days?

      • dksalna

        From Friday to Monday, it has actually improved dramatically since changing toothpaste’s. Thanks for your reply.

    • TB


  • Mario Slagle

    I use Tom’s of Maine organic toothpaste, but my inner cheek peels. Only on the left side though… the side I chew food on. Not sure what the significance of that is!

    • Sam Weisz

      if it is a straight line on your cheek that is whitish it could be from chewing your cheek. Most people do this at night from grinding. I would look into that too?

  • Alexa1996

    I am using colgate sensitive multiprotection and this is happening to me. It does after and when i wake up, but its my cheeks and my lips. I also get really dry mouth. What should i do?

  • JoshuaPK

    This is a great resource! At my last visit, my dentist gave me some Colgate Prevident toothpaste. She also recommended that I start using a flouride mouthwash… so I got some “cavity fighting” Listerine.

    I notice that whenever I use either of the two, in about 45 minutes to an hour I get these white nasty stringy things all over my mouth. Sometimes there are so many of them I gag. I wondered what they were and this is a great explanation… I’m just going to have to remember to rinse thoroughly with water about 30 minutes after using either of these products.

  • Cheryl

    Hi doctor, I have this goey whitish stuff peeling off my lips and cheeks when I wake up and after I brush my teeth , I know it’s not from my toothpaste because I’ve already figured that out, Do you know what this could be?

    • Sam Weisz

      not sure about this I would have to see it in person.

    • Jamesen

      I had this happen to me when I started using a strong whitening toothpaste. Any toothpaste I’ve tried ever since then has had the same affect, some toothpastes have stronger affects than others though.

      However, I recently used baby fluoride-free toothpaste (The kind that isn’t harmful to swallow) and I noticed a difference immediately. Within two days my mouth finally felt normal again.

  • Richard Dickinson

    How helpful, I recently switched to sensodyne and this is exactly what is happening but along with it my teeth have started hurting. The pain goes away during the day but comes back while I’m sleeping and wake up with painful teeth. I go to the dentist regular and have no cavities. I am going switch back to aquafresh. Thank you for your taking your time to post this.

    • Sam Weisz

      Thanks Richard. It sounds like some of those symptoms could be those associated with clenching and grinding at night as well. Something to look into if it persists.

  • darlin249

    Another cause for the sloughing skin is “burning mouth syndrome.” I’ve been experiencing this now for several months. Tip of tongue with burning sensation, sometimes cheeks and teeth too. The “sloughing” of skin happens mostly inside my bottom lip. Research on the web suggests vitamin deficiency, but I’ve been taking megadoses of C and B2,B6,B12 and zinc (what is recommended on line) with no relief. There seems to be no known cause and suggests it could last years before going away!! Changing toothpastes has not helped either. It is not related to mouthwash (do not use) and have started no new medications to blame it on either. It is extremely annoying and sometimes entire mouth burns, with relief from sucking on ice. Some people posting here that also have not found relief switching toothpastes might want to research “burning mouth syndrome.” If anyone has dealt with this and found a solution, I would love to hear it.

    • Sam Weisz

      Thanks you for sharing. Burning mouth can be very debilitating. I hope yiu have found relief and thanks for helping others on hear. I would love if you were interested in writing a guest post on your condition for other sufferers. Email me at

  • Sheila

    My problem started only two days ago when I had some $3.444. of dental work done. It seems where the dentist placed the gauze or product between the cheek and gum so he could work on 4 teeth #12, 13, 14 ,15 on my upper left side of my mouth caused bumps. Then it turned to blisters it felt like, then the peeling started moving toward the gum. Now the gum is peeling this is so very sore. My husband says it looks like white spot or spots. If I eat salad with vinegar I about go through the ceiling, unable to brush my teeth as it feels like you are brushing an open sore area. I am using ice packs on my cheek area and taking extra strength acetaminophen for the pain. I have been using “Natural White” Sensitive, whitening fluoride toothpaste for several years. I have crest toothpaste and I have switched to that, it’s 3:00am having trouble sleeping again and this is getting old after only a few days. Your thoughts are welcomed. Thank you.

  • Kyra Jones

    I have had sloughing of the cheek, for about 6 years now. My family doctor, dermatologist and ear nose throat specialist all said no clue what it is. My dentist said some people have an over sensitivity to ingredients in whitening toothpastes. Ive been brushing with Arm and Hammer Peroxicare: Healthy gums, with baking soda and peroxide for several years now, as its basically the only non-whitening toothpaste i can fine! ….And I STILL have it.
    Recently I have noticed peeling of my hands and feet, that looks a little like some of the pictures you can find of Hand, Foot Mouth Disease! But as I have had it for about 6 years, Im 28 now, and have not had a fever since high school…. then its highly unlikely that it is a viral infection like HFMD!
    I am so tired of daily brushing my teeth in pain from the open sores in my mouth. Do I have a sever case, could it be tied to something else? And should I try an organic toothpaste with out fluoride?

    • Sam Weisz

      This sounds unrelated to the toothpaste. If you switch to another milder toothpaste and symptoms don’t improve with 14 days it is most likely something that should be checked out with dentist and physician

      • Kyra Jones

        Yes I have discussed and showed my primary care physician, as well as my dentist who said it was whitening tooth paste. But ive been using Arm and Hammer plain old tooth paste for nearly 2 years and still have sloughing! Should I try switching dentists?

  • Cat Elliott

    This happens top me when I use Listerine daily. If I use it only a couple times a week I’m fine. Never knew why.

  • Adam

    Whenever i use the Listerine mouthwash my skin starts peeling. The peeling only occurs whenever i use the mouthwash but it never happened with toothpastes. Does anyone have an idea what ingredient i am allergic to? Or what is a better brand of mouth wash to use?

    • Melissa

      I have the same exact problem with Listerine too. I bought a grocery store brand and the peeling didn’t happen again. I’d also like to know what I am allergic to.

    • barb daugh

      Oh my goodness I’ve been having this issue too with Listerine Total Care. I’m so glad for this. I had the thought too that my mouth must have needed such a good cleaning and this was what was happening. I’m so done with it…thank you, thank you.

    • Dani

      I’m in the same boat–it only happens when I use Listerine afterwards.And when I use the products separately, I don’t have the problem.

      • AbuOmar

        this exact symptoms happen, when I use any whitening toothpaste.

  • Esther Aspling

    How would one tell the difference between this and sores from Lupus?

    • Sam Weisz

      Usually the toothpaste allergy is not painful

  • Brandon

    I have had this problem for a while now. I have tried many different types of toothpastes and it still occurs. I rinse my mouth with 3% hydrogen-peroxide and water solution once a day for under a minute. Is this a possible cause and a safe practice?

  • Karen

    The inside of mouth has been quite painful, raw, and swollen for months and I’ve needed to use a lidocaine rinse before brushing my teeth. The inside of my cheeks and gums continually peel and I’m getting blood blisters along the gum line. Eating is difficult and, so far, every toothpaste I’ve tried hurts. I’ve been to numerous dentists and they can’t explain it. Today I’ve noticed that I’m getting growths on the inside of my cheeks, which are the same color as the rest of rest of the mucosa. Can you please tell me who to see, what to do, or if you think that this is systemic. I’ve never used Crest and continue to use the same toothpaste I’ve used for the last ten years. Thank you. Karen

    • Sam Weisz

      I wouldn’t think it has to do with the implant but it would be worth seeing an oral surgeon that may want to take a biopsy to see what it might be. Good luck and email me with any questions

  • aaron

    Hello iv been having this issue for the past month never had it or even heard of it before my Q is does this have anything to do with chewing tobacco? Iv been using camel snus the tobacco pouches wierd thing is im noticing this peeling just as you described only happening in the area where I almost always put my snus (lower left cheek pocket) any info will help ty.

  • Lily

    I have the same issue and also with Crest Pro Health, I will be changing right away!

  • Kaitlyn

    I just noticed that this started happening to me after using Listerine Total Care Zero. This also claims to be alcohol free and I’ve been using it daily for a week. The toothpaste I’m currently using is Sensodyne with whitening (I believe). I have been using the toothpaste for a few months now and I didn’t notice this problem. If I am having a reaction to this kind of mouthwash that claims to be alcohol free, what kind of mouthwash would you recommend using? Thank you!

    • Jessica

      I have also noticed this happening when using the Listerine Total Care Zero! I’m hoping that switching will solve the problem!

    • Sam Weisz

      I would avoid mouthwash if it is happening because of the mouthwash. Better to brush and floss well than use a mouthwash

      • Loretta

        If the peeling doesn’t bother you much, should you still swap dental products? It doesn’t happen to me every night, or really at all in the mornings, and I like my toothpaste and mouthwash and am quite particular about using them but sometimes get the peeling which seems to be an allergy based on previous comments.

    • MineHeaD

      this “alcohol free” Listerine is like drinking Napalm, I cannot believe this product is on the market…shredded my mouth for days…

  • Elizabeth

    I use Arm & Hammer sensitive toothpaste and it makes the inside of my lower lip peel a lot. Some days it just continues for hours. It is bothersome because as you start to speak it forms between both lips and you can see the string stretched across the opening of your mouth, very embarrassing. This is my all time favorite toothpaste, I must have a sensitive formula, but this particular paste is very strong in that it leaves your mouth feeling very clean and fresh. I guess I have no choice but to switch to a sensitive that leaves your mouth feeling like you barely cleaned your mouth.

  • Taijhay

    I’ve just started using this toothpaste from melaluca and it’s a flouride. I’ve been getting the same symptoms, do I stop using it wasn’t listed above but the same exact thing you’ve described is happening to me.

    • Sam Weisz

      I would try something new and see if symptoms improve

  • Michael Tamblin

    I have had peeling inside my mouth for years. I don’t have regular type of toothpaste but generally find myself using Cogate products. Anyway, even this morning, I had a large peel from the centre back of my bottom lip, through to the right corner of my mouth. It drew blood and often does. I also find that if I drink water, I am more likely to get lumpy skin that peels.

    • Sam Weisz

      That sounds like something that deserves further investigation and is probably not being caused by allergy/irritation from a toothpaste product.

  • clarissamolera .

    Hi I have the same problem but I use Colgate Cavity protection. I use Listerine total care . I feel like its from the Listerine cause after I used Listerine I ate and then I took an hour nap and woke up with white stuff in my mouth again .. what do you think it is ??? Can it be cancer I’m so worried .. hope to hear back from you thanks

    • Sam Weisz

      Is you stopped the use of the oral care products you were using and it hasn’t improved i would have a professional look at it.

      • oRoyal

        I’ve using Crest Over 50 for the past month and last night was the first time this has happened to me. It grossed me out and today it just happened again.

  • Samantha

    I have been using the Colgate optic white since it came out years ago, recently I switched to using their Colgate optic whiten and protect and I’ve been noticing this peeling which is pretty gross. I thought maybe it was my new mouthwash, listerine zero total care. Good to know its not a health problem!

  • Tia Gale

    I experience with all Crest toothpastes that I have chosen. No others, just Crest. The peeling is almost immediate and stops as soon as I switch!

  • Denise Peterson

    I’ve always used the same brand of toothpaste, Colgate Sensitive, and never had a problem. Now a few days ago, the oozing started but I’m talking really bad! All day long, I rinse and spit and 5 minutes later my mouth is full of it again. Could something else be going on?

    • Sam Weisz

      Denise it sounds like something else is going on. I would have it checked out if it isn’t cleared up form switching to a milder toothpaste

  • Tamar

    I use pronamel sensodyne toothpaste and rinse with listerine total care. I have had cheeks peeling since I started using it a month ago, but I didn’t think it was a problem. My teeth are sensitive, so I chose to use sensodyne. Could the combination be causing this peeling?

    • Sam Weisz

      Its possible. More likely the listerine than the sensodyne but you would have to experiment with trying one vs the other vs both.

  • LadyJ

    I have had this for about 2 months it only started after i lost my job which was weird as i thought it might have been due to stress or something but it happened with oral b so i switched to sensodyne and i am still have this same problem if anything it is worse and i have more of an issue midday as its the whold of my gums not just my cheeks, what toothpaste would you suggest

    • Sam Weisz

      If you have changed products and goes unhealed I would have it checked out by a professional.


    I’m trying to quit smoking and to minimalize withdrawal symptoms began to chew a few packs of teeth whitening gum every day. I’ve found the skin inside my mouth peeling off and this prompted me to search the internet for an answer. Having read your column, I suspect it is the gum and will immediately stop using that brand. Thanks for the help.

    • Sam Weisz

      Thanks for taking the time to write with feedback. I hope it helped.


        You have no idea. Thank you, Sir.

  • Hanifah

    Thank you so much for the info I have been having this problem for a long time n reall worried. Even just now am still removing the peeling after brushing with aloe Vera forever living whitening gel. I will definately go back to Colgate . Thx dr.

  • Jen

    This is exact what was happening to me as well except it was also happening on the roof of my mouth; and that was painful! I told my dental hygienist and she suggested I stop using crest pro health. I’ve since switched to regular crest paste and haven’t had the problem since.

    • Sam Weisz

      Thanks for sharing.

  • R.A. K.

    Can you please discuss “burning mouth syndrome” to patients who are complaining about peeling in their mouth? I developed this about 9 months ago where the tip of tongue or roof of mouth feel like you either ate a hot piece of pizza and burned it or drank coffee too hot and scalded your mouth. I looked it up on the internet and found this syndrome exists, although very little is known about what causes it or how to make it go away. Some say it lasts 8 years or so then disappears and is prevalent in postmenopausal women leading to a hormonal cause, or autoimmune disorder. It was suggested I take alpha -lipoic acid, swish with Tabasco sauce mixed with water to “confuse” the brain but what seemed to work for me was a low dose of clonazepam 0.5 mg 3x a day. This reduces the “burning” feeling. What I still have and find most annoying is the ski behind my upper and lower lip feel like they are peeling (although you can’t see it) and I find myself chewing my lip ALL THE TIME unless I instead chew gum. The clonazepam definitely helps with the burning pain, but nothing seems to help the skin peeling which is terribly annoying. Anyone else experience anything like this?

    • Sam Weisz

      I can’t add any more than what you seem to have learned already. I’m sorry I don’t have a great remedy for Burning mouth syndrome

    • Conservative1952

      You have perfectly described what I have been experiencing since December 2007. I had a lesion removed on my tongue in November 2007 and several weeks later, I began feeling a burning sensation on the tip (and side) of my tongue. The tissue sloughing started up then, too, but not every day at that point. My GP thought it was “burning mouth syndrome” (BMS) and put me on clonazepam .5 mg only once daily — and told me to mention it to my dentist. The clonazepam probably did help with the burning, but what was really, really annoying (and still is) is the tissue sloughing. My dentist referred be to my ENT who thought it was BMS and ordered an auto-immune disorder test — which found nothing unusual. He also suggested Rembrandt toothpaste and a non-alcohol mouthwash — that didn’t help me either. He then referred me to a very reputable oral surgeon who said next time the sloughing occurred to “pop into his office”. That never happened because I could not leave my job to do that. I also find myself chewing my lower lip — the bottom inside lip and cheeks in an attempt to rid myself of excess saliva and unusual, odd tastes — but to no avail. I have not tried the tabasco sauce, but I heard about that from another blog. I did try the alpha-lipoic acid, but that did not seem to help me. Not a day has gone by since December 2007 without the “chewing” and the sloughing is at least every-other-day. I may now try an organic non-whitening toothpaste again without mouthwash. Maybe they have improved in the last 7 years.

    • MineHeaD

      I had been using Sensodyne for years and tried their new “Total Care” paste and using it was like inducing a chemical burn. I’ve switched back to plain Sensodyne but I’m still having some shredding and redness for a few hours after using it. It freakin’ traumatized my mouth. I was really worried about it, a PA for my doctor said I had gingivitis…I had just had some cavity work and a root canal and I think the dentist & oral surgeon would have noticed. I’m hoping that I can stay with Sensodyne, it no longer burns to use it, but I’m getting a little shredding. getting better I hope.

  • sne

    I am having the same issue. Your article says to discontinue use but does not mention any other alternatives. Any suggestions?

    • Sam Weisz

      Try colgate total. Or the regular line of toothpastes from crest.

      • sne

        Thanks! ill try it out! Appreciate it!

      • Go Texans

        I tried Colgate Total and I am still having the same issue. Do you have any more suggestions? I was using Colgate Optic White, then I switched to Colgate Total. After switching, that is when this problem started. Is it safe to use Listerine. I read that it makes your gums skin shed.

  • Trish Burgoyne

    I’m using peppermint colgate toothpaste and mint crest mouthwash., and my mouth sheds only a couple times a month, not all the time.

  • Holly Wallace

    Same thing, sensodyne both “fresh breath” and “whitening”. It’s creepy and makes eating foods that are mildy tangy, spicy, acidic, sweet, crunchy, hot (temp) painful. My sister just suggested it might be my toothpaste b/c she had a similar problem and her dentist said switch toothpaste to non-whitening and that did the trick. I had a sensitivity to a preservative, thimerasol, they put in contact lens solutions back in the 80’s. It took a few weeks for my doctor to figure out the problem and I think they eventually stopped using it in eye products. Sometimes it takes a while for manufacturers to figure this stuff out. I was told to look for the ingredient and avoid it, but I don’t even know what to look for here.

    • mkefer

      Did you ever find a toothpaste that eliminated this problem for you? I’m currently having the same issue while using the exact toothpastes you mentioned (sensodyne fresh breath & whitening).

      • Holly Wallace

        I used Tom’s natural wicked cool kids toothpaste for about 3 months and the problem went away. I used crest kid’s as well, but it comes in bubblegum flavor or something (not my favorite), and had no problems. Now I am using biotene. biotene is expensive and for dry mouth, but it seems really gentle and better at freshening breath. I am also going to try therabreath (also super expensive) b/c it says no detergents.

        • mark

          were do they sell it toms natural cool kids supermarket health shop

          • Holly Wallace

            I got Tom’s Kid’s TP at Walgreens or Wal-Mart.

  • JerkyTreats

    I’ve found this happens with all whitening toothpastes, regardless of the brand. It’s not specific to Crest.

  • Jennifer Moreau

    My mouth totally peels with Crest Pro Health, but when I switched to Colgate Total, it stopped. I told my dentist about it, but he had no clue.

    • Sam Weisz

      Thanks Jennifer I’ve heard this many times

      • Selim Yalvac

        This is an expert answer?

  • krystie vines

    Crest Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash does this to me! It doesn’t hurt but is very annoying. I used to have a bad habit of chewing the inside of my cheek out of nervousness. I would bite that top layer of skin. That’s what it reminds me of.

  • Sandra

    I have experienced this a lot and , through trial and re-trial have narrowed it down to products that contain the foaming agent, sodium lauryl sulfate. I also find if I use shampoo or body washes which contain this ingredient, after a week of use I get red ‘hot spots’ on my skin/scalp.
    I am not saying this is an answer for everyone but since I have avoided it I have been fine

    • Sam Weisz

      I agree SLS is one of the main unknown allergens and it is in a lot of these products.

  • Caroline DeWeirdt

    Can this happen with also your tongue feeling swollen and a little less than half of it/on the side is feeling numb/rough/like novacane has been put on to it? Is this another symptom? Would Benadril
    help at all?

    • Sam Weisz

      If your tongue is swollen and not getting better I would recommend having a professional look at your tongue for underlying issues outside of an allergy

  • Kathy

    I started the crest pro health toothpaste and mouthwash two weeks ago. After two days, metallic taste, not able to taste any food, super dry mouth. After figuring it out after a week, stopped using it. Now it looks like thrush on my mouth. Any suggestions, highly doubt it’s thrush, since I’ve never had it before, but I think the mouthwash ate up all the good bacteria. Disgusted… Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Kathy

    I meant on my tongue, not on my mouth.

  • Dani

    My mouth sloughes with any toothpaste I use… Does that mean I’m just mildly allergic to all toothpastes?!?!

    • HO KA

      As experience try Sensodine Pronamel toothpaste. it works for me.

  • The Bridget So Far

    I only experience this when I use toothpaste that is for sensitive teeth. I’ve tried many different sensitive toothpastes to help with my sensitivity to cold, but they all seem to make my mouth peel. Is this dangerous? Is it okay to continue using the sensitive toothpastes even though this is a side effect? Is there possibly a common ingredient in sensitive pastes that I can look into?

    • Sam Weisz

      most sensitive toothpastes have potassium nitrate which you may have an allergy to?

  • Jennifer Cullari

    This has been happening to me as well, I use a whitening toothpaste but none of those mentioned above. I use Nature’s Gate Whitening Gel, could this product have the same ingredient(s) the products above have for whitening that is the cause of the peeling. I’m going to get a non-whitening toothpaste tomorrow to see if it resolves.

  • HO KA

    I used Sensodine pronamel for 3 years and works fine but I wanted to switch to another toothpaste, so I tried Crest and AquaFresh but I had terrible peeling off skin off my month skin by Crest and minor by AquaFresh I used these brands before and they were perfect. I don’t know what changed on their formula and what they added that burn my month (I guess it is something like bleach.) Finding the chemical helps me to find a toothpaste without that.

  • Frank

    Can poorly fitting dentures create the same condition?

    • Sam Weisz

      it can be similar, a little different type of rubbing that causes other tissue problems to appear

  • Chris Cozort

    Mine peels from time to time without toothpaste like what you mentioned, I wonder why. I use all natural toothpaste like Tom’s of Main

  • Jess

    I recently started using Crest Pro Health Gum protection because I have the beginning stage of gingivitis, I picked this brand because it states it can reverse gingivitis in four weeks, if used properly. I’ve had this problem off and on for years and can’t really pinpoint which brand I used when this problem arises. For me, the skin peeling comes and goes, though awfully gross, the skin that does peel off tends to do so within 10-15 minutes after brushing. I’m curious as to what ingredient this could be that so many people are “allergic” to.

  • sass

    I think mine is just from eating warheads. I store them in the side of my mouth.

  • Thad Castle

    I’m really glad I found this, thank you for taking the time to write your article.
    This started happening to me when I started using Oral B’s Pro Expert toothpaste. Tonight I pulled out a load of soft tissue, the most ever, enough to make me reach for Google!
    I have some medical knowledge and am curious as to how this separation of the tissue occurs so instantly as an allergic response, while being pain free? My knowledge of allergic responses and hypersensitivity involves T-Cells, with a mixture of inflammation, heat, itchiness, swelling or pain as response symptoms. What makes this immune response so unique?
    Thanks again for shedding (No pun intended!) some light on this.

  • Krystal

    This happens to me, every time I brush my teeth(I use crest pro health) it’s not irritating or anything. The only reason I notice it is because I check for it with my tongue, otherwise I wouldn’t know it was there. Would there be any real harm if I continue to use the crest pro health?

  • AM Landry

    I have been trying to figure out why this was happening for years. I’ve never been able to finish a tube of any other toothpaste than Crest regular or Sensodyne regular for this reason, and nobody could understand or tell me why. Thank you for finally assuring me I’m not crazy.

  • Alex

    I have had this issue for a long time. It started slowly at first, without me changing toothpaste. Later it became worse and my gums started bleeding as well. I found an natural toothpaste with fluoride (brand: propolis) which I was using ever since. I moved to the UK however and started using normal toothpaste again which resulted straight away in peeling + bleeding and sore gums. Switched to natural tootpaste based on fennel with fluoride (Brand: Kingfisher) which made it better but gums were still quite sensitive and bleeding often. Visit to the dentist made me aware that my gums were actualy rapidly receding so had to find new toothpaste ASAP. Now I switched to Corsodyl Orginal which works perfectly. Funnily enough I thought of going for the whitening version afterwards but after two days of using my gums got infected again…….. Back to original for me now… Oh and also can’t use any mouthwash anymore as it has the same result..

    I used to brush 3 times daily with mouthwash every night.. Now I only brush twice daily with no mouthwash, as it does more harm than good..

  • Sin Vraal

    This has happened with literally every toothpaste and mouthwash I have ever, EVER used. ANY. EVER. For over 30 years. Are you seriously telling me i’m allergic to every known for of toothpaste, with or without fluoride, peroxide, or any mouthwash, with or without alcohol?

  • Tamara Carlyle

    I’ve used most store-bought mouthwashes (including Biotene), and this happens every time I’ve tried them. Not usually something that happens with toothpastes, though I will occasionally get a rough sensation that isn’t related to any peeling.

  • Carly O’Neill

    My mouth has been doing this for years. It seems to get worse when I use a whitening or even a heavy mint flavour toothpaste. Are there any suggestions of a toothpaste that might be good for me?? I also can not use mouth wash

    • Sam Weisz

      I would stick with something that still has flouride. It may be trial and error for you. Here is a list from that lists the most common causes.





      Other allergens reported include:

      Cinnamal – flavouring derived from cinnamon

      Anethole – flavouring derived from star anise, fennel and anise

      Propolis – antiseptic

      Hexylresorcinol – plaque control

      Azulene – anti-inflammatory

      Dipentene – solvent used in cleaning products

      Cocamidopropyl betaine – surfactant

      Parabens – preservative

      Fluoride salts

  • Joeseph

    I have a question for the author of this article. Why is it that if i use mouth wash after i use my prohealth tooth paste it doesn’t peel?

  • disqus_cFIHlbXvAH

    Happened to me with corsodyl, apart from the peeling was not just the inner cheeks but also the base of the gums! Scared me so much! Fixed with diluting though.

  • John Abraham

    i had the same problem of cheeks peel,i went to
    and he changed my toothpaste,after that i feel relief from it.

  • Jennifer

    This happened to me last night and this morning after using Listerine Zero without alcohol. This never happened to me before and I use Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste everyday. Im pretty sure it is the Listerine and I will discontinue using it.

  • Jasmine Michel’le Brown

    I brought the listerine antiseptic wed. I used it once in the morning qgain at night I did it again yesterday and today morning and night. Upper gums are red and blistering my cheeks on the inside is red and bilsirering has some blood marking on the side small.

    My gums are also red and white upper and lower wonder if I am allergic or is it cuz I used so much and how long will it go away cuz it does kinda hurt and the skin is peeling off.

  • Jasmine Michel’le Brown

    I brought the listerine antiseptic wed. I used it once in the morning qgain at night I did it again yesterday and today morning and night. Upper gums are red and blistering my cheeks on the inside is red and bilsirering has some blood marking on the side small.

    My gums are also red and white upper and lower wonder if I am allergic or is it cuz I used so much and how long will it go away cuz it does kinda hurt and the skin is peeling off.

  • Tracy Morgan

    Thank god I checked this sites out. I av ad peeling inside my mouth off and on for months n thought something was seriously wrong. Now I know thats it’s just the Sensodyne whitening toothpaste I’m using. It doesn’t hurt me and tends to happen with all whitening toothpastes so I will just a keep going. Myself mouth online peels every few weeks not each time I brush my teeth.

  • Marcus Fillion

    I never would have guessed the toothpaste was causing the problem. In fact, I think I’ve been brushing more because I thought it was a problem with my cheeks. I’m going to buy some more toothpaste as soon as possible. This just goes to show that I should have seen a dentist from the beginning.

  • Mark Chizzles

    This happens to me really bad after use the Crest 3D whitening toothpaste. It doesn’t happen right away but usually an hour or so after I brush. I’ll be at my desk and feel the slimy stringy skin with my tongue. Sometimes when I pull it out it’s small other times it’s a rather large piece. So annoying. Will change to a different toothpaste going forward.

  • mark

    my mouth only started peeling since i was on quitiapin for bi pola now been taken off that and tried respiridon for bi pola skin peeled again taken off that ,taken off meds ,had never peeled before now constantly doing it 2 days so far get you down feel so dirty ,please help

  • sonii

    thanks for information.i had this problem with SENSODYNE toothpaste,never happen with colgate…..

  • Jason Ealy

    When I use different toothpastes my mouth still peels. I’m curious as to why.

  • Jenny

    Good to know, but remember there are other causes as well. I get it only on one dude and using same toothpaste as when I didn’t get it. Also, fluoride is a know waste product and dangerous to our health. Vitamin k 2 znd others are best used for cavity prevention.

  • Loretta coolidge

    Had the same problem with all toothpaste until I switched to Tom’s of Maine which doesn’t contain the foaming ingredient; SLS, I think.

  • Vivian Nguyen

    I’ve been having issues by using colgate fluoride toothpaste with the scope whitening. I should change it huh?

  • Teuksora

    i use the normal darlie toothpaste and it happens as well.

  • Pak Choi

    I started noticing skin peeling around my mouth when I started to leave in flouride gel because my teeth relies on flouride to avoid sensitivity. (Sensodyne strangely makes my teeth more sensitive and have brown stains) I use Jason Powersmile Whitening Anticavity Toothpaste (really gel not paste)

  • Julie Rodakowski

    I have had this problem for years and have used every kind of toothpaste on the market, including Tom’s and Jason’s (various types). I still have it, although some types of toothpaste are better than others. Yesterday, I started gargling by sprinkling a bit of the tumeric from the pill capsule in a little bit of water. I am hoping this will help. ??

  • Karin Schubert

    This has been happening to me for the past few years. I started using Sensodyne ProNamel (as well as the CVS generic version) and that is the only toothpaste that doesn’t make the inside of my cheeks peel after brushing with it. I’m glad to know it’s not just me and there’s a real reason! It seems that every other kind of toothpaste does this. I recently bought Crest Enamel Health Sensitivity Relief because it has the same active ingredients as ProNamel, but it made my mouth peel!

  • Kjabc

    Happens when I used Listerine and Colgate mouthwash

  • kyle

    this happened to me just now n a few times before lol, usually after I wake up after going to sleep right before brushing, I use mouthwash and the exact toothpaste here, not worried about it cus no sore spots are there, I have bitten my cheek before and the dead stuff turns into that, so no worries, I do have a bad tooth which I’ll be having taken care of soon as well as a full teeth cleaning :)

  • Kaitlin Howard

    This is has been happening to me too. I am not allergic to anything but ever since I switched over to Crest Pro-Health care toothpaste, I have been having peeling for about a month now. Last night though, I had a ton of it coming from my inside lower lip and now that I know I will be switching back to my old toothpaste.

  • jenny

    This happened to me after I ate a bag of pickled onion crisps 3 days it has been and I’m still peeling :(

  • Que

    I too have had this issue for years.. so long I can’t even remember when it started.. I am currently using arm and hammer for sensitive teeth.. I have no discomfort and usually a good wipe around with a paper towel handles it until I brush again.

  • Tina

    That could be the inside of my mouth! I have this exact same problem and I’ve been using Crest Pro-Health, too! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, and there’s a reason for it! Thank you!

  • Keishia Johnson

    In January, I started using crest pro health because of the higher fluoride content. My mouth didn’t start peeling until just a few mo the ago. At first I didn’t think anything of it…. maybe just a little dehydration, but it got worse with the more water I drank. Now my molars (I don’t have any of my 3rd) suddenly started hurting. Could there be any link?

  • Kesha

    I recently at the behest of my dental hygienist changed my mouthwash from listerine regular (brown) to listerine zero (purple). I have this exact symptom. I will discontinue using it today in hopes that it clears up. So glad it isn’t an infection. Now how do I get rid of tonsiliths?

  • Silvia Alford

    I’m getting so so desperate , as I have gone down the list , changed toothpaste etc, and had two biopsys to no prevail. This has gotten so bad that it comes almost to the outside of my lips . Why has no one conducted a medical study on this problem. It seems like millons of people have this problem but nobody knows of a cure

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      You just have to trial and error the original toothpastes and floss regularly. No mouthwash either. Your mouth needs time to heal, just like any other body part, but this body part is exposed to elements such as food, drink, germs, etc. It will take time.

  • PD Cunard

    This happens when I use any brand of mouthwash. Why?

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      Mouthwash is very harsh on your mouth. It burns the skin so it will cause sloughing. Your best bet is to brush with an original toothpaste, like Crest or Colgate, etc. and floss really well.

  • Heather Courtney

    I have had this same problem for about 2 years now. But I’ve always used Sensodyne Extra Whitening. That brand wasn’t on the list. But I need Sensodyne for my sensitive teeth. And sometimes it bleeds if I remove the skin. Is that normal with this problem? Can this dead skin cause bad breath?

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      It’s the whitening that causes the sloughing. Try not to remove the skin unless it’s causing you an issue that way it won’t bleed. Most of the time, it will come off on its own.

  • Angel

    I have been having the same issue lately, many people are saying listening and/or crest pro-health but I am not using any of these toothpaste or mouth rinse, I am using Arm&Hammer Advance white breath freshening. Could it still be my toothpaste??

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      Yes ma’am, it’s just about all whitening toothpastes.

  • TheTruth

    Sour Skittles also does that to me!

  • Bernadette Haus

    I have had this problem of pealing skin what seems like forever….. sometimes its worse than other times and I have noticed that the severity differs with different toothpastes. On top of the skin problem I also have a geographic tongue. I try and stick to plain white toothpaste as they cause a lesser reaction as well as alcohol free mouth wash. I know i am allergic to mint because of the skin pealing and after brushing a get a really irritated feeling in my throat which requires constant clearing……. sadly no mint free toothpaste…..

  • Suma Bellary

    i have this problem for long time now. any strong toothpaste does that. specially listerine toothpaste. but i don’t feel my mouth clean w other toothpaste. what i do is take a dry hand towel and run it inside my mouth. all the gunk comes off!!!!

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      You can also run your wet toothbrush through your mouth after brushing and that will work too! And, gargling with warm salty water helps!

  • Courtney

    I just discovered thi peeling in my mouth it doesn’t hurt t all but I’ve been I have been using the same toothpaste. For a couple years now and this has never happened before

  • Tiffany

    I am a 16 year old girl I have this problem where my check get like all mushy and it comes off like my skin is deteriorating I dont know what it is
    I dont think it is my toothpaste

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      It’s your cheek skin sloughing off due to the toothpaste you are using. Do you use a toothpaste that is a whitening or total care, something for teeth whitening? If so, that is your culprit. You could also be using a mouthwash like Listerine that is harsh on your mouth causing it the burn your mouth and make the sling slough off.

  • Pamela Earnest

    Well, I’m finally glad to find out why my mouth is peeling. It started about a month ago & that is when I changed my toothpaste to Crest Pro. It is an annoying problem & sometimes when I’m in public it’s a problem because I have to take a tissue & wipe my mouth out to get rid of the loose skin. Thank you so much for having an answer to this problem. I was lying in bed tonight & couldn’t sleep for worrying about the peeling, so decided to google for an answer. Now I can sleep in peace. Good night & God bless you.

  • Tracey Symons

    I can’t thank you enough about explaining to me /everyone about the horrible strings bought on by Whitening Toothpaste.

  • Elayne

    I used this whitening toothpaste and noticed my cheek skin is peeling , this is good information I’ll try to change the toothpaste I use

  • Kelcee Zamorano

    Hello I have a question that hasn’t been asked yet. So every morning my lips have the dead tissue around them and I have to wipe it off. I have tried Colgate sensitive and also Sensodyne. The Sensodyne made my checks peal a lot not then the Colgate sensitive does. My question is what other tooth paste would you recommend. (I am still using Colgate sensitive). I don’t use mouth wash a lot but when I do I use ACT. There is no increase of dead tissue when using the ACT mouth wash. Please help! I already have a texture issue! this drives me nuts! Thank you!!!!

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      Have you tried using just the basic Colgate or Crest? Not any special type? The original versions may work better.

  • Himalaya

    i am using paradontax herbal toothpaste from last week. it was ok. today while i am brusing teeth the lips skin is peeling out and its bleeding. i feel irration also. May i use this toothpaste or discontinue it. any body can help me plz

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      I would suggest you stop using a product that is causing you to peel and bleed and making you feel irritation.

  • Patrick Seelig

    I had just gotten a new tooth paste to try it out (Aim). I started experiencing this reaction the next day. I did some research an others were saying its a fungus or some mouth disease. I realized I was having an allergic reaction with the help of this site/ dentist. The picture was very helpful. Thank you

  • Ray

    I have experienced the same thing. Switching helped but did not totally alleviate the issue. I experimented and tried just flossing and using a toothpaste free toothbrush. But I still will have the sloughing of skin. Should I worry about that and stop using Listerene Total or is it not a health concern?

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      I would use a basic toothpaste and ditch the mouthwash. It is very harsh and most likely contains an ingredient that is burning your mouth and causing the sloughing.

  • Jennifer Goen

    This just recently happened to me using Crest ProHealth Oral Rinse — The experience has been extremely painful. Not only did I have slothing but I also had blisters and bleeding.

  • Amy Jade

    HELP! (Both cheeks and top and bottom lips) The walls of inside of my mouth (except the roof of my mouth) are severely peeling and bleeding. Stinging after I peel them. The walls of my mouth stings when I brush my teeth as well. They are very stringy, bumpy, rough, and raw. Help, what is causing this and what can I do to heal and fix it? It worsens right before and during my menstrual cycle. Thank You

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      If your mouth is bleeding and raw, you may want to see a dentist so they can prescribe something to help heal your open wounds.

  • Frances Weintraub

    I have this exactly and I use crest pro health! I also have a lot of allergies. Thanks for your quick solution to fix this!!

  • Evan Kascak

    I was noticing this! I’ve been using arm and hammer whitening, and a non alcohol listerine mouthwash. The toothpaste is new to me, so maybe it’s the cause!

  • Jean Geruit

    I have no idea what I’m allergic to but the only toothpastes I can use are Aim and Biotene (I love Bio ten e but after a few days I felt there was buildup developing on my teeth, so back to trusty Aim). The only mouthwash I can use is Act.

  • SusyMcMahan

    Could anesthesia from major surgery (2x past year shoulder implant arthroplasty) cause sloughing? Prior to this I would get sloughing whenever I used Crest, and can only use Closeup, which still has fluoride and strong cinnamon taste. Since the last surgery I have sloughing daily. It’s causing me to want to chew on the inside of my mouth, it’s even on the inside of my lips. No new medications.

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      It is the toothpaste you are using. Has nothing to do with your surgeries or the anesthesia. Purchase a toothpaste that doesn’t have a whitening factor and the sloughing should discontinue.

  • swapnil dandgvhal

    Question is where that skin come from? Is it a fat stored in cheeks ?? I don’t know if this is result of toothpest dabaour red or the mouth blowing exercise i am doing everyday to reduce my cheeks ?? Please help ??

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      It is coming from the inside of your mouth – your inner cheeks. You should purchase a toothpaste without a whitening factor, just plain Crest or Colgate, etc. It has nothing to do with the exercises you are doing.

  • Denisha Lovell

    My boyfriend and i get this with the arm & hammer toothpaste

  • Haley Desormeaux

    This happens every time I brush my teeth with baking soda and peroxide… but I can’t stop using it bc i was told to do this by my dentist bc of bleeding gums…

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      You need to see your dentist. If she won’t help, see another one.

  • GTK

    I have been having this issue for years and can’t figure out the cause. I don’t use mouthwash and have tried everything I can think of… Several different brands of toothpaste such as Toms, Arm &Hammer, SLS free toothpaste, non whitening toothpaste and avoiding mint flavored toothpaste. Nothing is helping. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      Have you tried using a children’s toothpaste? I’m being serious, not a smart a… Maybe that will help clear up your issue since children’s pastes’ aren’t as strong.

  • Erin98

    I have this problem with all toothpastes I have tried over the years. It started one night & has happened most nights for the past 8 yrs, I believe. My gums have been receding over the past yrs & it is noticeable & sometimes bothersome. Do I just brush too hard or could it be due to this problem with reacting to toothpastes? I am also having acid reflux & problems swallowing when stressed (swallow-the-scope try #2 now scheduled). Could they all possibly be related? If I don’t mind the stringiness is it harmful or ok to continue to use the toothpastes? If not I’m not sure what to try because I’ve tried 3 brands & various kinds of them & I’ve switched to non whitening.

  • Constance Marie Onofre

    I recently bought a store brand mouthwash. I have used it before with no problems. Could it be a result of overdoing it. I know you should use mouthwash 5/7 days a week so your mouth can regenerate the good bacteria. Is this the main problem?

  • Christina Davis

    This just started happening to me when my dentist recommended that I switch to Listerine total care mouthwash. It has Zero alcohol and is not a whitening product… maybe it’s the flouride? Also, just read a comment below that suggested it is the Sodium Laurel Sulfate, and I checked, the Listerine total care has SLS and my previous mouthwash does not. (I use and have been using Crest Total care for over a year)

  • Derek

    what if you fall asleep and wak up with this skin slough in your mouth. is there any chance this could lead to more cavities? as in a film of sort on your teeth, even if only dead skin like substance.

    or are cavities bacterial based only. is there any chance this skin could attract such bacteria too?

    that is the only thing i’m paranoid about really.

    i’m getting the prob uusing the crest mint blue one, without all the extras, however i do use listerin 0 burn

    • Youpeoplearejerks

      Do you fall asleep right after you brush & then rinse with Listerine? If so, your mouth is shedding while you are sleeping. I don’t know if it would cause cavities since you just performed your hygiene for the night. Cavities are formed by bacteria. I would advise not using Listerine to stop the shedding. :)

  • Lostworld

    Hello doctor Sam!
    Just few days ago, a white patch like thing has occurrd in my inner cheek at the side of wisdom teeth. It normally doesnt pains, but when I try chewing something it hurts. I recentally took my braces off and I put retainers every night.

  • Keith

    Arm & Hammer Mentadent Advanced Whitening Refreshing Mint Toothpaste
    The kind in the pump style is the only toothpaste I’ve found that don’t peel my mouth. My mouth started peeling to toothpaste about 12 years ago. I don’t know what the common ingredient they use but I found a toothpaste that must not have it.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH. i was so concerned

  • SupermansLois

    This started for me literally ten minutes ago. I have never ever had this before. I’ve been using the same toothpaste/mouthwash for over 10 years and never had this issue. I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet today. I was just eating my lunch, leaned back and was watching a movie and felt something weird on the inside of my cheek. At first I thought it was a piece of food so I used my napkin to wipe it out and now it won’t stop peeling. My lunch was leftovers from dinner so its not that. I’m drinking water, same thing I always drink. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke or do drugs. I don’t know what this is.

  • Jess spaw

    This happens to me with whitening toothpastes, only in the morning though. I always thought it was just from the baking soda/ peroxide drying tge skin out in my mouth or something. Its odd but it doesn’t bother me at all it only happens for a couple of minutes until I get it all out. But, is it going to hurt me in anyway? If not, I don’t mind it. Its not enough to stop me from using whitening toothpaste.

  • Jess spaw

    I also just read that if you mix Listerine with vinegar and warm water as a foot soak the dead skin on your feet will practically just wipe off!! Yes!! I will be trying this because I know it works in my mouth!!

  • Katlyn Schochenmaier

    I’m experiencing this same thing, but I haven’t used any different kinds of tooth paste in the past year.. Thoughts or suggestions?

  • JuCee Cherri

    Hi. I have just started using the listerine total care (light green/blue). So I guess I’m allergic to the mouthwash is why my mouth is peeling?

  • Ecelyn

    I started having this problem just recently, but I was using whitening tooth paste for a while now and this started after I started brushing with baking soda.

  • Angela

    I use Crest Pro Health and WOW! I truly like using the toothpaste I use, but the peeling can get so annoying.

    Before I started using the Pro Health, I used other brand toothpaste with whitening, and my mouth did not peel like it does now that I am using Pro Health. Just curious as to why with the Pro Health I peel and with the others I did not. Anyway, maybe I can find another toothpaste I like as much as the Crest and that my mouth will not peel with.

  • S.C. Wilson

    I have been experiencing this same phenomenon and wondered what the heck was happening. I am greatly relieved to find out that it’s just an aller to my toothpaste. I have been using Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste.

  • Kiyarash Farivar

    I have the same problem with oral-b sensitivity shield .

  • TheMadSyrupMaker

    I’ve used every toothpaste on the market and have had this sloughing off with all of them. This has been happening for years, long before present day whiteners. I worried for a while that my inner cheeks might wear out…….. I believe this has something to do with allergies because I’m allergic to almost everything. I’m using synsodyne now and my mouth is still eroding….. When I told my dentist he acted as though he had no idea what I was talking about, I think he was zooming me.

  • Vinnie Brethauer

    This is so crazy.. I just brushed my teeth, my gums and inside of my lips and notices a lot of peeling skin. I noticed maybe 2 other times recently, the same thing happening so I just now decided to Google what could be the cause of this.. I read this page and it listed the types of tooth paste that cause this.. I looked at my toothpaste and said holy shit… that’s the kind of toothpaste I have been using!! I am using the crest pro health!! I have been noticing my teeth becoming loose also, not sure if that has anything to do with the tooth paste too but I’ll definitely not be using this toothpaste anymore!!!!!!!!!

  • Bianca

    This is currently happening to me. It has done it for about a year now. At first, I thought that it was just something like the strings of a banana that had started disintegrating in my mouth from breakfast. It is very slimy and is either white or clear. For me it usually happens in the morning and at night right after I brush my teeth. It is highly annoying and gross because you canthink really swallow it, and who would want to? But that means that you are constantly taking the peeled off skin out of your mouth and throwing it away.

  • J Gott

    I noticed this peeling a day after I had consumed Lay’s Salt & Vinegar potato chips. I have never had food allergies before. The day after I ate them, my entire body itched from head to toe. The next day, the gum peeling started. I had not been using a new toothpaste or rinse. I hope it clears up within the next day or two.

  • kmc

    I’m super curious as to what it is that causes this. I’m sure it’s not sodium laurel sulfate because that’s everywhere and I’ve never had a reaction to it in any way before or since–in fact, I’ve never had a reaction to any of the ingredients listed in Crest Pro Health that I know I’ve been exposed to, which is just about all of them. I’d never used a stannous fluoride toothpaste before, but I don’t know how likely of a culprit that would be. Anyway, my mom uses Pro Health and loves it, and she has just a little bit of sloughing but it seems like what they advertise is normal. I used it for a month because it never even slightly occurred to me that it could be my toothpaste, but by the end of the month the whole inside of my mouth was just a big open sore. I couldn’t eat or talk without pain. The doctor I saw said he’d never seen anything like it–he was the one who suggested it might be my toothpaste. It took a couple of weeks to heal entirely, during which time I used plain baking soda. But I’ve always used the big-brand toothpastes, and in fact mostly Crest, without any problems. That was a couple of years ago and I haven’t had any reactions since staying away from Pro Health. Unlucky me.

  • Joe

    Since November 2015, I began draining excess mucous through my oronasal fistula, from cleft palate repair at one month of age. The fistula has been small and pointed downward, by a flap over it, for 40 years, the last attempt to close the fistula. I am 58 now. The fistula was nearly detectable and was manageable for 50+ years. Yes, bothersome at times, with food and leaking air during work outs & physical exertion. I managed. When phlegm & mucous started to drain excessively in 11/2015, I called my doctor. I have never had colds or the flu that caused this kind of excess. He did swab culture (results were normal, 2+, Mixed respiratory flora) and treated me with Azithromycin. After no improvement, he sent me to an ENT. She cultured it (the same results, 2+, Mixed respiratory flora) and prescribed OTC meds & sprays, like Nasacort. I returned,after the new year and she started to preform another swab culture but I stopped her and asked her to swab the fluid from the top of the fistula, deep inside my left nostril. She prescribed Septra and continue the OTC meds. The results from the fistula culture was, 2+, Streptococcus pneumoniae & 2+, Mixed respiratory flora. The septra was effective treatment for the strep. The next vist with the ENT, I knew she had no idea what was happening. She did no research or consults with her practice colleagues. She prescribed Prednisone. No improvement by the next visit. She said she could do no more. I was astonished. She referred me to a plastic surgeon, by virtue of the cleft palate. It made no sense to me. I went to a University plastic surgeon rather than the medical center surgeon that had little cleft palate experience. I was able to see the chair of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at UC. He saw no fluid because it was draining light the time of day I saw him. It usually starts to drain in the evening, for reasons unknown. He sent me home and said to get an air humidifier & see him in 2 months. Two months to wait, while my fistula had widened < eighth of a centimeter. All of March I languished and April 11, my private practice dentist saw me and asked a private practice oral surgeon to evaluate my condition. He concluded I should be seen immediately by UC Oral and Maxillfacial Surgery. I brough this to the Plastic Surgeon and he seemed ok with it. I didn't expect the referrals to UC or his reaction. I was referred to the chair of Oral & Maxillfacial Surgery. I saw him on May 4th. Despite no one I had seen for treatment for the draining, still heavy and changing in viscosity, could explain the excessive fluid, he said he would close the fistula. He did not see the draining either. It is hard to see, I admit. Almost stealth. They all said it was normal drainage but I had been up to 5-6am, draining, unable to sleep since 11/2015. No one, not one "world class doctor" in San Francisco would stick there neck and call my doctor about the drainage. They could not see it but the damage was done. My upper gums were flat and the fistula was wide open, it was like a hole in the wall. The mucous got so viscous and thick, it was blocked up, in my fistula and palate and beyond! It started to seep through my gums and down, what was left of the gums around my teeth. That was May 4th. From that time on, it has progressed and began seeping into my upper lip. My upper lip would burst open 3-4 times a day. Then, from the lip, it stated to seep down into my cheeks. The peel 2-3 times a day, containing the strangest feeling of mucous. It would dissolve when I spit it out. It is white, foamy and clear. Ribbons, yes wide ribbons, slide down my upper teeth. String like stuff crisscrosses my mouth, like a network of cobwebs. By entire surface of the lining of my oral cavity, including my throat are like mush, fuzzy and tear away. I discovered layers of mucous on the hard palate's ridged area on the roof of my mouth. I though my palate had cracked open. I brush everyday, as painful as it is. Everyday, I brushed the my ebtire mouth, inside the void of my missing cheek lining and the roof of my mouth and did not realize it until one morning I woke and my neck, lips and cheeks were swollen. I brushed a little more vigorously and found so much mucous, in the forms I described above. It's July 18th and still no doctor or dentist sees it. But my teeth cleaning is coming up. I am praying she sees the the damage and the missing cheek lining and the fluid pooled inside my mouth. My end, right & left maxillary molars have hole around their gums, she can't miss. That's where the thick strands of sting flow of. My upper lips are lined with mucous and I can feel my tongue reach above my roots of the upper teeth. Mucous surrounds my teeth in a bubble. Chunk of mucous come from out my left upper gums, over the second inside cuspid. Why does no one see this damage and judge the condition normal because the fluid is not visible. All day long, it drain down my teeth. It seems as though it has formed holes, that I can feel with my tongue, behind my molars, near the area my tonsils were, in 11/2015. Amazingly, I was brushing and noticed mt large tonsils were not viable. At an infant, treated at Boston Children's, the surgeon said not to have my tonsils removed. Their removal may weaken the structure and strength of my mouth and affect my speech. Over the years, I had lots of doctor comment on their size and ask why I never had them removed. I told them why. I am in such hell, my PCP has avoided my calls to call the Oral surgeon that I saw and agreed he close my palate. I'm not out of choices. There are specialists all over the country. Since this started, I have also had shortness of breath, heart palpitations and can't walk far or climb steps without stopping. Something is wrong and it has to do with mucous they can't see? UC has beaten me. I can't get in touch with the surgeon after calling 2 or 3 times a day and emails all unanswered. Nature is taking it course and destroying my mouth. Ironically, I am the son of a dentist and an RN. My Mom is 91 and witnessing this all over again. I'm a hermit. The only treatment suggested is that I go back on antidepressants. My doctor says I'm obsessing over normal oral fluids. If any dentist or professional is reading this, I'd greatly appreciate your advise. I don't obsess on my saliva and mucous. It's present everyday, in gallons. I've had 2 ER visits for almost choking from mucous coming up my throat, in the form of golf ball size bubbles. This, just last week. It's progressing and proliferating and the doctors watch. I'm 58 and have never wished my Dad was here like I do today. Thank you. If you are an oral professional, I've read the theories of OCD like this. It's a highly recognized condition. I can't believe the people diagnosed with this have ever experienced this amount of oral fluid. I am obsessed but with gallons of fluid everyday, that I spit out. It tastes horrible. And ask the people that move away from me, when I go out. Thanks for reading this, if you got this far. I'd spend my last dollar in my 401k to have this solved. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Does anyone recognize the symptoms I've described? I'll go to Timbuktu, if someone there has any intelligence to cure this condition. I've never seen so much apathy shown by doctors like i have in the last 8 months.

    • Chaquita Granita

      I’m sorry to read of your suffering. I have a friend with constant mucus drainage but it seems to be a result of obstructional sleep apnea surgery. I suggest that you consult a doctor of functional medicine since traditional medicine has failed you and that you Google Anthony William and Markus Rothkranz, both of whom have helped me in my return to health. Neither one are doctors, but they have answers that you won’t find elsewhere. Prayers for your recovery.

  • Good Neighbor Steve

    I’m having that exact symptom using Crest Pro Health…I bought a special multi-pack at Costco on sale…I’m not really freaked-out about the skin sloughing, will it hurt me to continue using it?

  • Trish House

    I live in the country in Arkansas with well & spring water, and I use non fluoride toothpaste, I never get the condition here but when I go to L.A. & San Diego I always get it no matter what toothpaste I use. I must be allergic to what’s in the water.

  • Isabelle Peterson

    OMG – life changing!!!
    I’ve been “suffering” with this for the past several years…(and i’m guessing that those times when I wasn’t experiencing this, we had a different toothpaste)
    Changed to Sensodyne after reading this – and now – NOTHING! Other than fresh breath!
    Life Changing!

  • Marie Deschamps

    This happens from arm nd hammer for me.

  • MarchofDimesMom

    I’ve used crest pro for over a year and have not changed anything and now I have this peeling. I figured it was from stress but could I all of a sudden develops an allergy to it from over exposer?

  • Hannah Hammond

    I use Colgate max white luminous toothpaste and have done for years. Recently I’ve started using Listerine advanced white mouthwash and the peeling has just started (been using the mouthwash for about 10 days now) so I assume it must be that?!? It’s happened to me in the past but never really took note as to what toothpaste/mouthwash I’m using

  • Isabella Osborn

    I have started using Sensodyne w/ extra whitening because I have sensations teeth that tend to turn a slight yellow from time to time and didn’t start to notice my mouth peeling until about over halfway through use of the tube. Would it possibly stop if I switch to using just the normal sensodyne?

  • Michelle Webster

    I’ve had this issue on and off for years. A couple years ago u was diagnosed with H-PYLORI. During the same time I had the peeling cheeks, which leads to me scraping, chewing and trying to remove the filmy feeling and loose skin. Nothing I’ve tried works. NOTHING! No toothpaste change, no mouthwash, not changing my toothbrush, not the all natural nothing. I started the H-Pylori treatment which is 20 days if very heavy antibiotics. It’s brutal. However… On the second day of treatment… Day 2!!!!! My mouth was normal. No peeling, no sores, no biting, no filmy feeling. GONE! It’s been over 2 years… Free from thus horrible affliction and now BAM! It’s back… Overnight! Filmy feeling, sloughing of my cheeks and now the obsession to remove that feeling which includes biting, scraping, rinsing with salt and/or anything that will make it feel better. I told my doctor about thus and he said it was just a coincidence. Totally dismissed. But, I know what I know and I believe, for me, that this is a bacterial infection of some sort. Maybe that with a reaction to some ingredient in toothpaste.

  • Dirk Dodson

    Same thing has been happening to me (for the last 6-8 months now). My dentist prescribed NeutraMaxx 5000 Plus Turbo which I’ve been using for three days now…still peeling

  • Mimi

    Thank* you for posting this. My husband thought I was crazy when I asked him if his cheeks and lips peeled after using the new tube of Crest Pro Health Advanced that we decided to try. Now that I know it is an allergy I will discontinue using it.

  • Venus

    I use Sensodyne but it is a whitening one and my mouth does peel. I also use Listerine and I am sure that adds to it. I am not bothered by it though.

  • Venus

    I think maybe the Listerine regular strength is just too strong since it isn’t nearly as noticeable when I use the LESS INTENSE Listerine. :)

  • Matthew Dobinson

    I started using oral b pro expert and within 4 days my gums were peeling the skin, I have now stopped using the toothpaste and back to my old one which I never had a problem with.

  • Stacey

    For me, the peeling started over the past year, and has cased major embarrassment. It’s awfully hard to ignore, especially when speaking, eating or drinking at the office & I can’t stop this stringy-skin from coming off onto my tongue! ItsGross!!
    I didn’t know the cause at first, but I mostly used Crest or Colgate. I sometimes alternate cheaper brands like Aim, Ultra-Brite, Close-up, etc. Finally I read a similar article explaining my problem was a mild allergy to an ingredient in my toothpaste, commonly found in brands like Crest & Colgate. The trouble is I don’t know what to look for or avoid. I also experience tooth sensitivity, so I use Sensodyne or Arm & Hammer for sensitivity (*both with whitening) and I’ve had the same troubles. Do I need to avoid ALL toothpastes that advertise “whitening” effects?? I’m a coffee drinker, so I’ll be insecure if I notice a yellowing smile.
    Are you aware of any whitening toothpastes that HAVE NOT caused this peeling issue in patients with the allergy? Thanks!

  • Kathleen Roth

    Crest Pro Health formula has given me the same problem, I am going to stop using it. I was really worried about the condition until I read the article above. Thank you Dr. Weisz.

  • Ale Moodare

    This happened to me right after I got my braces off and started wearing a retainer less than a month ago. I’ve been using crest pro health toothpaste even before I got them off and I didn’t start peeling.

  • Victoria Collins

    I have this problem with crest and Colgate and they are whitening toothpaste. The peeling is way too annoying and sometimes disgusting when it becomes way too much. Guess I’ll go try just regular toothpaste without the whitening and see what happens. I guess it’s the ingredients from the whitening.

  • Julianne White

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