The easy part of our day and what we have been trained to do is dentistry.  The area of frustration for most dentists comes from our struggles with employees, team members and interactions with patients.  What if Dr. Sam Weisz could come and teach your attendees how to master these most difficult relationships?

Are you looking for a lecture where your attendees can walk out smiling?  Do you hope to motivate your doctors with a lecture that can be put to use Monday morning, in the office?

With over 4 million video viewers online,  a following of over 6000 on twitter @askmydentist,  and thousands of contacts in the field, let Dr. Weisz help promote.

Choose from a half day lecture or combine for a full day program.

  1. Motivate Patients to Choose Comprehensive Care: A Better Approach to Patient Motivation and Interaction.”
  2. “Turn Down the Drama: A Better Approach to Team Communication and Interaction.”
  3. “Social Media: The New Word of Mouth”

Are you looking for a lecture that is suited for both doctors and team members?  This patient centered lecture is a team directed discussion focused on motivating our patients to finally take ownership of their mouth, get healthy, and start to actually ask for comprehensive treatment.

We have uncomfortable interactions with our patients almost daily.  Are we getting satisfied with the outcome?  I’m talking about the patients that refuse your medical history form, “just want a cleaning”, and moan about how long they have to be in the chair.  Most dental teams try to manage these encounters thinking, that is the highest level of customer service.  Through this lecture you will learn a how to motivate your patients to orient towards proper high level dental care.  Do you want less stress and closer relationships with your patients?  Together we will learn the tools to effectively communicate our goals.  The end results are patients that ask for the treatment we want to perform not the other way around.

The core of my presentation is to engage your audience, not just talk to them.  Attendees come away smiling and excited to tackle the tough patient that refuses treatment and just wants a “cleaning”.  In a motivational style your members will learn the tools to turn these toughest of patients into great, referring patients.

Why Dr. Sam Weisz?

Dr. Weisz is known as a communication expert.  His communication resume consists of a three year term on the
communication committee for the Chicago dental society and Chicago midwinter meeting.  He wrote the book on motivating to achieve our dental goals for children.  As the author of “Sugar Bugs” he has been featured on Dental Town’s podcast, ABC news, Fox News, and presented to hundreds of classrooms, transforming reluctant brushers into oral hygiene experts and liaisons through proper communication.

As important, attendees relate to Dr. Weisz’s experiences chairside as a practicing dentist.  He has experience  presenting for the ASDA National Leadership conference, Chicago dental society Virtual Reality Meeting, Lake County Hygiene Society, Alpha Omega Chicago, countless schools and Study clubs.

Honorarium: Contact

I understand that many groups are working within reduced budgets.  I am able to flex and would be happy to discuss alternate methods of compensation, such as sponsorship opportunities and/or through book sales.  My presentations are frequently sponsored by Crest/Oral B, Baby Buddy, and Listerine.

I look forward to discussing with you further.  Thank you again for considering my presentation for your meeting!

Yours truly,

Sam Weisz d.d.s

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