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How to Detect Oral Cancer Early

For over a year we have been using new technologies to detect oral cancer.  What amazed us as we jumped into the new technology was that oral cancer survival rates had very little improvement over the past decades.  While breast cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer survival has been dramatically decreasing oral cancer is stagnant.  I attribute this to one thing.  Early detection tools and exams are not a mainstream part of our health culture.  Yet.  I say yet, because at our office new technology has allowed us the opportunity to be at the forefront of early detection of oral cancers. Continue Reading

BEST Dentist Commercial EVER!

Have you ever been subjected to bad commercials on TV. Local cable puts out some of the worst comercials. Watch this one and let us know if this is bad, really bad, or the worst commercial ever! Dentist, local restaurants, and clothing stores have made some bad homeade commericals, if you have an idea for a bad commercial leave us a comment. Professional Wrestler Colt Cabana teams up with Libertyvile Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz to create a spoof of the BEST Dentist Commerical EVER!!! Colt Cabana hosts a top sports podcast: Art of Wrestling, Support his career at http://welovecolt.com Dr. Weisz’s is not always this unanimated and beyond being fun at the office he takes great care to build trust and healthy smiles for life. Dr. Weisz practices in Libertyville IL with his father at http://libertyvilledental.com Dr. Sam Weisz hopes to make taking care of your teeth, oral health, and overall body a fun and motivating experience.

If you have any questions about your mouth or even a great idea for a video at the dentist please share.

Child’s First Dental Visit: Easy Tips

Preparing for a child’s first dental visit is one of the most important parts of their dental future.  Your kids are a blank slate, they have no preconceived notion of what it means to go to the dentist.  This is a good thing.  Times have changed at the dentist.  Children today have fun at the dentist.  It is important that any conversation about the dental visit is a positive one.  They get to ride in a big special comfy chair.  They learn about mister thirsty our special suction.  They get tooth vitamins, stickers, and a fun goodie bag with prizes.  It breaks my heart when an uncle or other adult tries to be helpful and uses words that inadvertently put a negative spin on the first visit.  Words like it isn’t going to hurt.  I often hear caregivers say honey it is going to be fine it won’t hurt.  On the surface this can sound positive.  The problem is children have a sixth sense and read between the lines that if someone tells them it won’t hurt their first reaction is hurt, hurt, hurt.  We have to hide our own fears to create a safe environment.  Our fears leak out all the time around children so why should the dentist be any different.  We all know that when a young child falls we can laugh or get scared.  A laugh elicits a smile and the child bounces up.  A look of fear often brings on the opposite response, tears. Continue Reading

School Dental Forms

Many parents are caught off guard by the amount and timing of school forms.  Dental form requirements for Libertyville and the state of Illinois are no different.  They can be tricky.  You will need a dentist to fill out dental exam forms if your child is entering Kindergarten,  Second Grade, or Sixth Grade in the Libertyville School District at Adler Park, Butterfield, and Copeland Manor Schools, Highland Middle School and Rockland Schools. They are required to be turned in to school before the end of the school year by May 15th.  Forms and information can be found at the links below.  K, 2nd and 6th grades grades are important milestones in the tooth development with most children starting to get their six year (first) molars around the time of kindergarten and their 12 year (second) molars around the 6th grade.  For the past 35 years the family practice of Libertyville Dental Associates has seen and completed hundreds of school dental exams for pediatric patients. Continue Reading