Dr. Sam Weisz

Samuel P. Weisz, D.D.S

Dr. Sam Weisz maintains a forum for those in the US to find a ray of help when they have no other place to turn.  Through Askmydentisttv Dr. Weisz has reached out to more than 2 million online patients to help answer questions, alieviate pain, and provide perspective.  Sought After as a speaker at dental conferences and study clubs Dr. Weisz uses humor and comforting approach whether on stage or chairside with patients.  In 2012 Dr. Sam Weisz was honored for his efforts in outreach abroad by the America Dental Association.

His children’s book Sugar Bugs has created a buzz in the dental community.  Dr. Sam’s passion for preventing cavities is his guiding inspiration.  An important part of prevention is through empowering his patients young and old with proper communication.

While maintaining a family practice at Libertyville Dental Associates, Dr. Sam is dedicated to providing dental care to under served populations both at home and abroad. He has gained a unique perspective on life in places in which there are few or no dentists, through his work with migrant farm workers of the southwest, isolated populations of Yucatan Mexico’s village communities, and the U.S. war veteran population.  His most recent mission took Dr. Weisz to the remote villages of Uganda Africa.

In his free time, Dr. Weisz has a fondness for anything adventurous, from hiking and whitewater rafting to amateur boxing and fishing.  After graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, Dr. Samuel Weisz gained a spot at the VA Medical Center in Long Beach, California where he completed postgraduate training in Implants, Sedation Dentistry, and Anesthesia medicine.

Dr. Weisz takes great pride in caring for his patients with a gentle hand and caring smile.  He lives by Libertyville Dental Associates core philosphy of treating every patient as we would a member of the family.  His main focus is on prevention, an area in which he lectures frequently. He can be seen teaching throughout the Chicagoland area at one of his sought after programs dealing with juvenile dental health and anxiety. He is known for his hands on approach, working with Kids to reduce anxieties and fear about going to the dentist. His core beliefs include fostering early education to lay the groundwork for healthy teeth for life. Dr. Sam Weisz has implemented the use of Computer Guided Implant surgeries in conjunction with a process called conscious sedation to make his Libertyville dentist office a more comfortable and less scary place to be. Dr. Sam Weisz’s main goal in dentistry is to make the dentist less scary and create a new kind of smile for dental practices and the patients that seek out help from Dr. Sam at both his office in Libertyville IL and online.