Are All Dental Product Claims True?

You can have a great dental product without the ADA seal.  But if you want to protect yourself against unbiased claims follow the seal.  Reps are constantly in the office peddling new and improved.  At home it is only worse on the TV.  #1 dentist recommended, whitens and brightens better.  Well none of those claims ever asked what I recommended, they probably didn’t ask any dentists.   Is a sonicare toothbrush better than an oral B electric toothbrush?  Which toothpaste is the best? So many questions so little space to inform you.

The Studies
When you look for a product, you should look for good independent studies that give proof of performance.  A combination of those studies and a professional’s opinion tracking patient performance, should give you an idea of which dental products to purchase and use.

Feel and Comfort
Most products are neither going to help or hurt you.  So if it feels good, you like the taste, and are comfortably using a product, use it.  Often times the most important thing about toothpastes and brushes is not the studies, it is if you like the taste, texture, and feel enough to use the product.  Ultimately in keeping your mouth healthy it is more about frequency of use than any surface surfactant and antimicrobial differences.

In the end I am usually just excited to hear my patients are loving one product or the other.  Most do no harm.  Go ahead and rinse, gargle, brighten, while standing on your head, as long as you maintain your normal regime of brushing and flossing.

Question: What is your favorite dental product?

Dr. Sam Weisz is a dentist practicing in Libertyville, IL. He is considered the online dentist for people on the web. He has helped over a million people with their dental problems and questions through his videos and blog.

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