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About Dr. Sam Weisz

Dr. Sam Weisz maintains a forum for those in the US to find a ray of help when they have no other place to turn.  Through Askmydentisttv Dr. Weisz has reached out to more than 2 million online patients to help answer questions, alieviate pain, and provide perspective.  Sought After as a speaker at dental conferences and study clubs Dr. Weisz uses humor and comforting approach whether on stage or chairside with patients.  In 2012 Dr. Sam Weisz was honored for his efforts in outreach abroad by the America Dental Association.

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AskMyDentist is Your Personal Online Dentist

Helping fill the void for those in need of an online dentist. Whether you don’t have access to a dentist or simply need advice from a someone you can trust. Dr. Sam Weisz D.D.S

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